What on earth is Fix Rick?

Fix Rick is a lifestyle blog written by a man (aptly named Rick) who is just looking to learn a bit more, do a bit more and write a bit more.


Fix Rick? Are you broken or something? 

Everyone has one or two things they would like to improve about themselves. Whether it’s becoming a better cook, getting more sophisticated, having a swisher haircut or being a bit braver. I have a great life and everything I could ask for from friends and family, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still fix myself up a bit, do things better and explore what’s out there a bit more.


How did it all come about?

I work in an office where I am often the only guy, outnumbered 10-1 by the girls. Over the years I’ve gone to them for advice on all manner of things, stuff like how to be on dates or to act around girls, how to dress better, how to be more organised and how to do all manner of ‘grown up things’ that don’t come naturally to me. ‘Fix Rick’ was the phrase banded around the office whenever I’d done something the girls despaired of.

Turns out, the girls at work have a lot of opinions on things I can do better. Like, loads. So many in fact it was decided (by them) that an anonymous comments box should be made to allow them all to give their feedback without having to restrain themselves.

Here is the box. You’ll see it has a heart on it which I think is meant to reassure me that this is a kind thing done with love and for my benefit (click to make larger):

This is the comment box the girls set up for me. I like shaking the box to see if I have any new comments.


Are you being bullied at work, Rick?

It’s funny opening yourself up to critique but it’s so far been useful. I get silly comments, some serious suggestions for improvement and even some compliments so I can’t complain. Already I’ve learned I need to listen better and be more assertive, oh and apparently dark red is my colour. I would never have known that. I think everyone should have an anonymous comment box.

Here are some of the comments I’ve received so far (click the pic to make larger if you’d like to read some of them):


Here are the comments received so far


What can we expect from the blog?

I’m going to be exploring new challenges to fix myself up and explore more of what’s out there instead of constantly staring at Netflix. That might be wine tasting, meditation, speed dating even. I’ll get my future read and do a tarot card session- basically a spiritual MOT and other missions in the bid to become a better grown up man. All the while responding to the regular feedback in my comments box.

I also have a habit of getting into silly or awkward situations and these stories will be appearing plus any other interesting and of course highly readable things.


Final question. There’s no one actually interviewing you here is there? You’re just writing this in italics and hoping it looks like you’re being interviewed, aren’t you?

Yes you’re right. It’s just me. I’m really sorry but thanks for visiting me here and having a little read of the words. It makes you a nice person in my eyes.


Love Rick x

P.S. Here are some of the comments made bigger and jazzier: