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I’m quite a happy bloke overall. I think most people that know me would hesitate to call me grumpy or bad-tempered and most of the time I’m irrritatingly upbeat but the other day I got irrationally angry.

James Bond, Daniel Craig, Spectre, Secret agent

That last bastion of old-school masculinity, James Bond, is everywhere again.

Every man watching Bond leaves the cinema secretly pretending he is a secret agent, it’s just what we do. However, once the daydreams fizzle out under the cold microscope of reality, a quick comparison with the legendary secret agent forces some pretty brutal home truths:


What if we all had to be really honest on Facebook? 

I’ve had one of those days where I am continually and inexplicably drawn to Facebook. I don’t know why. I have nothing to update the world with, no reason to be there except to digest the non-stop flow of updates. If today is anything to go by, prolonged exposure to Facebook is not healthy.