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Everyone tells lies. Whether they’re small half-truths, white lies, completely unintentional or things we’re not even aware of. I think the act of telling lies and the reasons behind them is really interesting. 

So, a little while back, I decided to keep track of every time I lied to see how I lie and what I lie about.

I told 19 lies in a week.


I’m quite a happy bloke overall. I think most people that know me would hesitate to call me grumpy or bad-tempered and most of the time I’m irrritatingly upbeat but the other day I got irrationally angry.

news broadcast, news announcement

As one of my bits of self-improvement I’m determined to be more clued-up on current affairs. At the moment, if someone is talking passionately about an important subject I’m very good at nodding along while looking really focussed, even if i have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

This man and his tiny man-bun can achieve anything he wants

Writing a first thing of anything is beyond hard but a blog has that narcissistic ‘look at me’ feel so the scrutiny is all the more intense. It’s especially bad when the writer has the audacity to use his own name in the title of his own blog. What a douche.