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That catcalling even exists in 2016 is insane – men shouting at women in the street to let them know they’re sexually attractive. It’s one of those things that makes you ashamed of the male species and question why we’re even allowed to share the same planet as women.

Plane seats

I’ve never flown premium, first class or really anything other than cattle class, poor person, economy, whatever they call it, but my company kindly flew me out in style. Turns out posh stuff can turn you into a douchebag quite quickly.

New York, Top of the Rock, Rockefeller

I’d been away from the office for two weeks and strolled in expecting a nice warm ‘welcome back’.

Instead, I was met by a strange man sat in my chair, sat at my desk. 

The man sat in my chair, sat at my desk, by some coincidence, also had the same name as me. 


Everyone tells lies. Whether they’re small half-truths, white lies, completely unintentional or things we’re not even aware of. I think the act of telling lies and the reasons behind them is really interesting. 

So, a little while back, I decided to keep track of every time I lied to see how I lie and what I lie about.

I told 19 lies in a week.

Dropped a fruit pastille on the street while walking and inadvertently let out a "Nooooo!" so loud the group in front of me all turned round. I quietly explained to them that I was very disappointed to have dropped a fruit pastille.


I’m quite a happy bloke overall. I think most people that know me would hesitate to call me grumpy or bad-tempered and most of the time I’m irrritatingly upbeat but the other day I got irrationally angry.

news broadcast, news announcement

As one of my bits of self-improvement I’m determined to be more clued-up on current affairs. At the moment, if someone is talking passionately about an important subject I’m very good at nodding along while looking really focussed, even if i have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.