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A poem from my 13 year old self

I was a very dramatic child. Here is a poem I wrote approaching my thirteenth birthday. It’s called ‘life is shit’

A teenage life can be glum
You’re growing bigger, so is your tum
I’m sure my parents would think me right, 
All that chocolate and sunny delight

School is lousy, a horrible place
My life got worse with my train track brace
Metal mouth, tin grin, that’s what they said
‘Twas that type of feeling, you know, when you wish you were dead.

Got over that, home at last
When all of a sudden in my face, a blast
The parents of course, how could I forget
‘Do this, tidy your room, go walk the pet’

It’s not over yet, best friend moves away 
I wonder, will I see him some other day? 
I think about the friendship we had
And how it went just like that

Mum’s leaving her job and Dad’s is looking down
We all come home with a miserable frown. 
Been ill for two days, caught a really bad cough 
Don’t tell me, I know, you’ve heard enough.

And my team lost the cup final- that’ll get me stick 
The defence running round like a headless chick

I wish I could bury my past in a pit
So I guess that this tells you

My life’s pretty shit.


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