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That Awkward First Post

Writing a first thing of anything is beyond hard but a blog has that narcissistic ‘look at me’ feel so the scrutiny is all the more intense. It’s especially bad when the writer has the audacity to use his own name in the title of his own blog. What a douche.

Naturally, the worrying voices arise:


Why does he think what he says is interesting enough for him to have a blog?

Why would he tell the world he needs fixing?


Most of the answers to those questions can be found by clicking here but in short I hope you’ll find a lifestyle blog that is not very serious. Is it ok for a man in his late twenties to start a blog? I’m not so sure, the Internet might just be for young fashionistas, trendy groomed males and vlogging sensations, everyone cool and well filtered. I am none of those things. You shall find no cool here.

Hopefully though, you’ll join me and read about things like how I accidentally made a woman cry, why I suck at online dating or how sometimes, when a larger man sprays pee on you, you just have to keep schtum. Alongside those tales I’ll be trying to get a bit better as a man and do more things to Fix Rick.

Just FYI the man in the above picture is not me. He has a tiny man-bun haircut that I do not have and probably wouldn’t suit, though you never know? But I like this man, he has that ‘let’s do this’ feel doesn’t he? Like he’s really going to take on the world and do something great, stirring stuff.

Using this picture was my first editorial decision and I’m quite happy with it. It’s definitely better than trying to take a stirring ‘let’s do this!’ picture of myself because right now I am wearing a hoody that I spilt bolognaise all down. Nothing about the way I look at the moment would inspire anyone, except maybe community outreach workers. Therefore, let’s take the man-bun man and his wide-armed pose as our inspiration to kick this blog off. Let’s do this.


Love Rick x


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